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BZZZED! $9.45

The BzzzBee Story of Beeing. Presents adventures and insightful messages for living life with an open mind. Each book is 8.25 x 8.25 with 32 full color page interiors.

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You Have My Heart! $9.45

The BzzzBee Story of Loving. Presents the story of how BzzzBee meets b'Bee and their story of love. Each book is 8.25 x 8.25 with 32 full color page interiors.

About BzzzBee!™

BzzzBee! tells his story of beeing as it shows up in his life everyday and creates learning experiences to be shared with everyone.

BzzzBee! stories help adults and children find the magic in discovering the world through observation. That they carry within themselves the possibility of discovery and making a difference through passing along what they learn.

Although the main character is BzzzBee! as he journeys through his life he meets and creates friendships with others, his network, which builds upon the list of characters each day.

BzzzBee! mission:
To keep on bzzzin’.. wherever he goes!

The BzzzBee! character and the greater than me idea, was created by Karrie to teach adults children about living and exploring their passions and the value of all experiences. That each of us have a story to share that is part of the greater picture and our world.


Meet BzzzBee!™

BzzzBee! is the bee of the dreams we have
of beeing! The adventures of spirit and questions of
what is in the world. The bee, BzzzBee! keeps bzzzin'
letting things 'happen' and experiencing the
adventure in each moment. He's an inspiration to all!

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